Bezpieczna Przystań – General contractor of the investment process (GRPI) of wakeboarding and water skiing sports and recreation sites.

A couple years ago wakeboarding in Poland was a completely new trend, the popularity of which grew very rapidly. Today, the circle of wakeboarding enthusiasts is so big, that many cities in Poland have a Cable Wake Park listed as one of their biggest local attractions. These sites are like magnets attracting crowds of tourists who are fans of spending their free time actively.

Bezpieczna Przystań – The Sesitec representative in Poland
We are the only representative of Sesitec in Poland – a world leader among wakeboarding and water skiing cable park producers. Our company was established in 2008.
Since 2011 – which is the year we began our cooperation with Sesitec – until the end of the 2013 season we had completed 19 projects. We are a world leader in the number of created cable parks among all companies working for Sesitec.