The biggest attraction for wake boarders and water skiers all over the world are cable systems, which consist of more than two towers. They have long water tracks and professional Wake Parks, equipped with many wakeboarding features, which give users unlimited development opportunities.

We offer cable systems with 5 or 6 pylons with an overhead cable, pulling wakeboarders and water skiers along the water body clockwise or anti-clockwise forming a closed track.

The six tower cable system definitely gained the greatest recognition among the wakeboarding community. This option provides a comfortable ride due to the constant tension of the cable which minimizes hard and unpleasant pulls on every turn caused by the acceleration of speed.

The cable system is powered by an electric engine with a frequency speed control. The maximum length of a water track can reach 900 meters. The dimensions of the water body needed for your cable system should not be smaller than 240 meters in length, 120 meters in width and 1,20 meter in depth.

The speed of an average cable system is 30 km/h, however it can smoothly be regulated from 0 to 60 km/h. Wakeboarding with the cable system is very different from the traditional way of practicing this sport – behind a motor boat. The cable system user can start his or her ride from a starting dock which is located over the surface of the water, instead of trying to stand in the water. Thanks to this beginners’ first steps are made much easier.

How does it work?

The person wanting to begin their ride goes on the starting dock. When their turn comes up, they scan the bar code on their armband (Lake Control System), or give the operator their ticket. The operator then gives the person the handle and attaches the rope to the attachment point (carrier) on the overhead cable. The green and red lights give the user a signal when they should start their ride.

Though planning the construction and building the Cable Wake Park is very challenging, the toughest aspect of the project will always remain gaining approvals from local authorities. It is therefore best to start the project only when all needed documents are signed and approved by authorities and organizations working in environmental fields. This is why our company can offer additional help with setting up the paperwork needed for technical inspection.

While making an offer, we treat clients individually and each of them will receive a sample calculation of costs. We additionally offer services such as: help in planning out the cable system and setting up necessary paperwork.

The benefits of the Full Size Cable

A site with a “big cable system” ensures wide access to water sports, it can be used by hundreds of people a day and it is becoming a nation-wide sports attraction.
Generally these venues are combined with other businesses such as restaurants or wakeboard shops, which raise potential income.
The owner of the cable park can build and strengthen local ties by organizing sports camps, cooperating with local schools in the field of water sports and ensuring a safe water sports venue available for everyone.
Cable parks are also a great attraction for spectators, which makes it easier to find sponsors.
Water parks are an excellent place for gatherings, enabling people of different ages and different skills to use them.
It contributes to working together with local centers and sports and tourism departments
Cable parks are perfect for events, which help build the local tourism industry and contribute to raising income not only for the owner, but also the local entrepreneurs.