Sesitec is a world leader among producers of cable systems intended for wakeboarding and water skiing.

The history of Sesitec reaches 1992, when its’ owner and creator Christian von Lechenfeld saw an unawakened potential in the wakeboarding industry. Today, with an almost 25 year experience in the field of design and innovation, Sesitec has built over 50 Full Size Cable and 300 System 2.0 parks in the whole world.

Sesitec is more, than just a leader in two tower wakeboarding cable systems. The company provided a significant contribution to the transformation and redefinition of this branch of the water sports industry. The engagement of Sesitec in wakeboarding brought great amounts of innovative solutions, from the Lake Control system, which enables the management and supervision of a bigger site,  to System 2.0 – the two-tower system.

The cable systems turned out to be highly energy-saving and durable, at the same time being profitable businesses for their owners and a huge source of fun for their users. It is thanks to this synergy that wakeboarding is constantly evolving, and the number of Cable Wake Parks is getting bigger and bigger every year.

Sesitec’s goal is to deliver the highest quality and most innovative products, providing at the same time the best support possible for its’ present and future clients.