Innovative technology, solid construction and the safety of users are all components which make the System 2.0 an essential element of a professional Cable Wake Park. Moreover, the System 2.0 can play the role of a fun sports attraction at different types of summer and winter events.

The System 2.0 is a two-tower cable system with a light portable construction and an easy adjustment of settings. A rapid speed regulation as well as the possibility of changing the length of the cable are components, which make it easy for beginners to learn and enables pro riders to train and develop in a safe and controlled environment. This cable system is only fit for one person to use at a time.

The System 2.0 can function both as a sole cable system, and as a supplement of the Full Size Cable. However, it is the independent cable system that brought the System 2.0 its’ biggest popularity in Poland over the past years.

The System 2.0 was designed specifically for wakeboarding and wake skating – this ensures a continuous ride, without having to let go of the handle while turning around.

Benefits of the System 2.0:

It can be installed on basically any surface of a water body
Light construction
Two anchor points
Towers can be regulated
A quiet electric engine, which requires minimum amounts of energy
Economical solution for users on all levels of performance
The System 2.0 can be used all year (as a snow park during winter)

One of the most important benefits of the System 2.0 is its’ mobility – it can be immediately packed and transported. This feature makes it a great component of different kinds of events, from promotional and branding happenings to contests and tournaments.

It is in fact its’ adjustability and solid engineering that make the System 2.0 an economical solution for both commercial and personal use. Thanks to its unique multifunctionality, the System 2.0 is not only an incredible mechanism in the world of water sports, but it can also be used as a driving force in snow parks which are built on flat ground. This enables winter sports to go places they never had a chance of reaching.

One of the strongest benefits of the System 2.0 is its adjustability. It can be rapidly disassembled and transported to different events and contests. Thanks to this it was an attraction at events such as the Red Bull Wake Open, Red Bull Wake Lab or O’Neill’s Wake The Line.