Ticketing and cash control system – Lake Control

Lake Control is a system, which allows easy and efficient management of the cable park– beginning with payment and cash control, through ticketing, to a touch panel operating station.

Thanks to the touch panel the system operator keeps track of every rider’s name, ticket type, number of laps, and expiration time on the touch screen display. The operator can also set a lap limit for one user, which minimizes queues at the start.

The lap limit can be changed throughout the day and can be set through two types of modes.

The manual mode:

When the user reaches the lap limit, the operator is informed and can either decide to end the ride, or let the person ride for longer.

The automatic mode:

Lake Control automatically detaches the rope the moment a person reaches the limit. This way the operator can focus even more on the safety of other users.

Thanks to Lake Control you can decide which type of selling method suits your venue most. You can either sell tickets for a number of laps, or go with selling tickets for a certain amount of time.

No matter what you decide, the ability to check how many laps have been made on your site can be useful for marketing purposes in the future.

There are many administrative options, thanks to which the owner of the site can adjust the parameters of the cable park to safety requirements. One of them is the adjustment of speed with which the overhead cable works. The possibility of setting an equal pulling speed will ensure a constant safety for the users.

Lake Control keeps track of equipment statistics which determine the number of times a certain element was used. This will help the owner assess which parts of the equipment are in need of technical service and will definitely make maintenance easier.

Another option Lake Control has to offer is the ability of operators to log in and out of the system, thanks to which the owner can easily control how much time each operator spent working and how many users he managed to handle. This will help with managing employees.

Whether the owner is sitting in their office near the cable system, or is halfway across the globe, they can always log into the Lake Control system to check the number of users currently using the cable system, or who in that particular moment is operating it.

We saved the best for last.

The system mentioned above is part of the standard package of the Full Size Cable.

Lake Control contains:

A computer system
A payment control system
A UPC scanner for your office / place where you sell tickets
Two scanning terminals (to install on the dock)
The touch panel operating station
The benefits of the control and management system:

  • Equipment statistics
  • Employee registration
  • Complete payment control
  • Touch panels for the whole system
  • Possibility of regulating maximum speed
  • Possibility of setting a continuous safe speed
  • Automated settings (overhead cable, rope attached to carrier, etc.)
  • Lap counting computer (concerns tickets sold for laps)
  • Possibility of setting a lap limit
  • Easy and rapid access to data
  • Portable control system for maximum security