Bezpieczna Przystań – The Sesitec representative in Poland

We are the only representative of Sesitec in Poland – a world leader among wakeboarding and water skiing cable park producers. Our company was established in 2008.

Since 2011 – which is the year we began our cooperation with Sesitec – until the end of the 2013 season we had completed 19 projects. We are a world leader in the number of created cable parks among all companies working for Sesitec.

  • Complex actions. We build cable park sites – Cable Wake Parks, we provide innovative solutions and offer technical maintenance all year long. We also deliver knowledge about managing the whole site.
  • We use best the quality, approved materials in order to provide all wakeboarding fans with the comfort and security they need during their cable park adventure.
  • Our know-how allows us to build investments, which on the one hand are profitable for their owner, and on the other are a source of fun for their users

Thanks to our cooperation with UNIT Parktech we equip cable parks with Wake Park features of the highest world-class quality, which are completely welded out of HDPE and have acquired internationally recognized approvals. Wake Parks, which are properly equipped with features contribute greatly to the attractiveness of the site and increase the interest of its’ users.
All our actions are guided by the will to create sports facilities which are friendly to the environment. We achieve this thanks to energy saving technologies as well as non-invasive water sports practices.
And most importantly: WE LOVE WAKEBOARDING

Our exhibitory Cable Wake Park in Warsaw, System 2.0 –

History of the Bezpieczna Przystań company

Bezpieczna Przystań has been stationing in Rynia on the Zalew Zegrzyński since 2008. It specialized in wakeboarding behind a motorboat and sailing (we had our own harbor). In 2009 we created the Warsaw Wake Academy – an academy and a team, which united both the young and the most rewarded Polish wakeboarders. In 2011 in Rynia, we built the first two-tower system in Poland – System 2.0. At the same time we realized there was huge interest in our actions among the Warsaw community and its’ suburbs. Therefore we started looking for a more convenient location.

When we found out that the City of Warsaw is repairing The Czerniakowski Port, we figured it is the perfect spot for our Cable Wake Park. After gaining all necessary approvals, in July we began working on the first cable park in the center of Warsaw. The date of the official opening of Warsaw Wake Academy – the Cable Wake Park was set for August 10th 2013.

Warsaw Wake Academy:
Exhibitory Cable Wake Park / System 2.0 / Czerniakowski Port
Warsaw Wake Academy is the first Cable Wake Park in Warsaw. It is situated in a convenient location, across from the Legia Stadium.
The investment made in the Czerniakowski Port is a modern water sports site, which consists of a water track (an artificial lake) and a cable system – System 2.0. To enhance its value, we equipped the Wake Park with the UNIT company features – their products are used in the most popular wakeboarding events, such as Red Bull Wake Open, Red Bull Wake Lab or O’Neill’s Wake the Line.
We want this place to contribute to the promotion of wakeboarding and to satisfy all its’ fans’ expectations.